Hostages have a right to express their feelings

It is in the news today of one of the hostages caught earlier this month by Iran, and later freed..has been seen in a nightclub taking the mickey out of his captivity. For some reason that boggles my has offended people..people who really have nothing whatsoever to do with the able-seamans life, will probably never know or meet him,or have any idea what he went through.
You see this is what aggravates me, somebody sees an opportunity and takes it at the discouragement of brave men like Arthur Batchelor who have had their lives flash before their eyes, and then stood up in a club weeks later and said "f**k it, im here and im gonna deal with it in my way". So if he wants to pratt about in a nightclub like young men do, or go to extremes and simulate for the crowds his own torture while in Iran..let the guy, and why? because its his torture, and if neo politicians who see themselves as God-incarnate want to moan about it, well step off your pedestals and work out a way to feed our pensioners, wrap them up warm, and let them watch TV for free, oh yeah..your not God. Maybe it should be you who apologise for destroying our country, rather than lads like Batchelor who are willing to die for it.


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