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Chaos Magick

Magick is real.. An idea, a desire is placed in your head, you focus on it, confident that the results will be achieved. Lo and behold, it is achieved - that, my friends, is magick. The idea is alchemical, as above, so below says Thrice-Great Hermes. What is conceived on the mental plane is made real in the material, the mental plane of course is 'above' the material plane. One transmutates their thoughts into what we call reality. When I began my first steps into magick, I didn't realise the true power laid bare before me. I wanted something akin to Harry Potter, wave a wand and say some words and a bolt of lightning shoots out and makes what you want happen. Thats the lazy man's magick, that simply isn't what we are going to get. In fact I would go so far as to say magick is making yourself capable, and stronger day by day, removing that lazy streak. To be a magician, or a wizard - whatever you prefer - is hard work. Yes you can make a sigil with no experienc…

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