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Demons: What was I really dealing with?

In the past I've wrote articles like "Demons in Dreams", Ghost Hunting and Demons and of course my infamous Alien Abduction posts here and here.

As a christian, I was big on demons - almost zealous. Now, don't get me wrong - I STILL BELIEVE, at least in spirits anyway. I believe in everything you've ever read online, monsters, bigfoot, loch ness, faeries, leprechauns - ALL OF IT.

It's all real. Now, the only thing I question is intent, and thats a big thing. As a christian I would have said something to the effect of "the devil attacking/tricking". But what would the gnostic - or initiate - derive from a demonic encounter? Well, thats basically where we have to begin.

A gnostic contends that the real universe is flipped compared to what traditional 'materialist' christians believe, God (Jehovah/Yaldabaoth) - is the devil, and the true GOD (the ineffable - unknowable) is much more powerful than any christian could believe. All things emanate fr…

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