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Back Again!

Hey guys as I'm sure you're aware I haven't posted in ages. Partly because I have been going through some stuff. Mentally and Spiritually.

I am sitting here in the airport, tired yet hyped on coffee, about to travel yet again to Japan. I thought I may as well have a little post, after all I have a spare hour.

One thing that I always find amusing when it comes to airports is the cold air they pump in to keep you awake. Airports are all about being alive, excited about going somewhere, or exhausted and glad to return home. But I always feel uneasy about airports, because I know that I will have a long flight ahead. This isn't a quick trip to Spain or something. I'm going to be in the air for many many hours. I absolutely hate it 😩.

My itinerary this time is Manchester > Paris > Seoul > Osaka.
Thats a solid 28 hours of travel time - on and off the plane. I was duped into such an atrocious flight by a kind person at the travel agents. I have no idea what I am…

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